There is power in simplicity.


“Stress is a Choice”

10 Rules to Simplify Your Life – Many of us hurry through life focused on conquering the next mountain, making the next deal, running the next errand, and believing we will never have enough time to do all the things we need to get done. Yet, there is all the time in the world if we just realize we are the creators of this life we choose to live.

No matter what our circumstances, David Zerfoss shares choices are always available to us and being free of stress is one of those choices. Full of wisdom and thought provoking questions, Stress is a Choice guides the reader to learn how slowing down can actually help one to go faster!


“Stress Less and Enjoy Each Day”

Take a deep breath—less stress is possible! – We hurry through life from one task to the next and feeling like we’ll never have enough time. The truth is, we have all the time in the world if we just realize we can choose whether to live panicked or peaceful, stressed or calm.

Learn how to see through all the clutter. Form a new perspective on how to approach life differently and gain the balance you desire. Motivational stories and bible quotes will guide you down a pathway and into a life of less stress.

Discover simple principles to create the future you desire.