Light the way to your future.

The Zerfoss Group sees power in simplicity.

We lead engaging and productive sessions that ignite breakthrough thinking and produce a simple, yet extremely powerful road map to the desired future.  All you need to bring into the room is an open mind and a blank sheet of paper.

During a Strategic Visioning Session with The Zerfoss Group :

We “unlock” CEO’s and their executive team’s minds and disrupt the drift of past thinking.


New possibilities and breakthroughs are identified.

The company’s Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values are created, reviewed or revised and the entire team makes a commitment to communicate and uphold them.

The executive team identifies three strategic objectives on which the company as a whole will focus time, attention and resources.

Utilizing the three strategic company objectives as their guide, each executive lists his/her individual set of three strategically aligned, measureable milestones and actions.

The entire process engages the team, gains commitment and aligns actions with the desired strategic outcomes. The session creates a focused direction for the executive team and overall provides accountability to produce breakthrough results.

Strategic Visioning Seminars

Design a strategically aligned roadmap for breakthrough results.