Are you Purpose-Full?


20 May Are you Purpose-Full?

My good friend and author, Kevin McCarthy, outlines the importance of “purpose” in his book, The On-Purpose Business.

Kevin shares that a company’s purpose is the heart of what they do. It’s what “lights them up”. It’s the “why” they exist.

I find that many companies have done work to write their Vision and Values. The missing component is often a purpose statement. Without a heart, a living, breathing body cannot continue to exist. A company’s purpose is the heart and soul. It’s what engages vendors, customers and associates.

The average person works for a paycheck. People who are engaged purposefully strive to achieve the vision.

If you have a defined vision and seek to achieve it, my question is, “Are you purpose-full? Have you spent the time to gain insight into what is the heart of your company – the why you do what you do? What’s more, do you have the right people who are aligned with this purpose and vision?

Before you create a multi-year plan for the future or set your goals for the year, work with your team to discover your company’s unique purpose. Once it’s defined, share it and continue to communicate it throughout the organization. Validate every major decision with this purpose to see if it is a match.

A “purpose-full” organization is engaged and energized to perform at the highest levels. Be an on-purpose leader. Get to the heart of the matter in your business and watch it soar!