26 Apr STRATEGIC VISIONING: Think Back From Your Desired Future

It’s been my privilege to get to know Joe Gibbs, the legendary pro football coach and NASCAR® team owner.  Joe has said that the best coaching is done before the game or before the race. Team members need to know the end goal – and the coach needs to provide a game plan for reaching it.

As the leader of your organization, you need to provide that “game plan” to your associates to successfully attain your vision for the business.

Strategic visioning is one of the core responsibilities of an organization’s leader. Your strategic objectives should be defined, communicated and aligned with measured actions throughout your organization.

Speak the Future Into Existence

To think strategically we need to think back from the future we desire.  To think about possibilities is to ask the question: “What’s Possible?” When you ask that question, you’re looking to the future. Encourage your associates to make bold declarations and speak the future into existence. By thinking “back from the future,” we can take steps now to get where we want to be.

There’s Power in Simplicity

I encourage organizations to have no more than 3 strategic objectives.  Once these are agreed on, each executive creates his department’s 3 strategic objectives and measureable actions that align with the company’s objectives.  Then it’s time to communicate these objectives to all associates, align them with individual goals and responsibilities and provide timely updates throughout the year. This creates engagement, accountability and alignment.  By keeping the company and individual objectives to a maximum of three it simplifies the process, narrows the focus and ensures results.

The best coaching is done before the game.  Take the time to fully engage your executive team and create a bold, strategic vision for the future