Stress is a Choice

30 Jun Stress is a Choice

Several years ago, my pastor shared with me that life is made up of a series of choices. Who makes these choices? We each do.

It made me realize that a life of stress had become my choice. If I could choose stress, I could also choose a life of no stress or less stress.

As leaders, we are very good at charging forward. Ideas fuel our way of being and we have plenty of ideas to keep the engine roaring. We often do not stop to rest or examine from afar just what may or may not be needed to reach the future.

In my work with CEO’s and other top leaders who are members of a Vistage Board of Advisors, I see first hand the power of slowing down to go faster. Leaders who take a day off from their businesses once a month to be a part of a board of advisors are choosing to become more effective leaders. This day away not only benefits the leader himself, it also indirectly benefits every one of their associates and their families who depend on them.

Getting out of the office lets leaders more clearly see the most critical initiatives that are required to achieve the company’s goals and vision. Leaders are recharged, focused and thus better equipped to move the company forward.

If we do not set a regular calendar entry to get away from our business, the stress switch gets stuck in the “on” position. When we step away from the day-to-day swirl, we get present. This allows for a higher level of leadership to emerge.

Slow down to go faster. Become part of a board of advisors made up of leaders from diverse industries and non-competing companies. Choose to stop the swirl and you too will discover that Stress is a Choice.