05 May There’s Power in Simplicity

A simple, foundational principle of success is there is power in simplicity.

The smartest solutions have often come from the simplest of forms.   When clutter is clogging our path, we cannot clearly see our destination and the steps needed to arrive at the future we desire.

Take a 30,000 feet look at your business and its processes, products and initiatives.  What are you still doing that is not aligned with your vision?  What are the  “that’s what we’ve always done” items which are cluttering the bridge to your future?

The next time you walk into your building take a detour.  Instead of walking straight into your office, walk up and down the hallways.  Have a conversation with your associates.  Ask them what they are busy doing.  And then ask them “why”?   You might be surprised to learn many of the processes and procedures taking place every day in your organization are no longer aligned with what is needed to move the company forward.

German painter Hans Hoffman is quoted as saying, “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak.”

Have a conversation up and down the cubicle aisles.  You’ll soon discover what you need to stop doing to simplify your business and open up new possibilities for breakthrough success.